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2016-17 School Board

What is the School Board - What do we do?

The School Board for Holy Family Catholic School serves as an advisory board for the school Principal and the school Pastors. Our School Board is comprised of 9 parent volunteer who serve in a consultative capacity to provide direction and advice to the Principal and the Pastors in the matters of school policy, planning, organizing and the ongoing evaluation of results.

The School Board organizes its responsibilities with standing committees whose purposes directly tie to our school strategic plan initiatives. We currently have 6 standing committees which include Fundraising, Strategic Plan Management, Communications & Marketing, Alumni Relations, Community, and Retention. The school board meets monthly and each committee reports the status of their work, identifies next steps, and provides recommendations for improvement.

The School Board is managed by its officers: The President, Vice President, and Secretary. The officers are elected every spring for the following school-year.

2016-17 School Board Members

Gina DeFrisco - President
Annemarie Schmocker - Vice President - Retention Committee
Denise Steinbrecher - Secretary - Strategic Plan Management
Maria Sanchez - Alumni Relations Committee
San Anguiano – Marketing & Advancement Committee
Monica Zupan - Fundraising Committee

Standing School Board Committees:

Marketing & Advancement Committee:

A critical role of the school board is the Marketing and Advancement of the school to increase community awareness of the educational program, provide important information to our community regarding activities and events, and to share our successes. The board organizes and manages Holy Family Catholic School’s marketing program as outlined in our strategic plan. The strategic plan is regularly updated with the progress of the marketing activities during the monthly School Board meetings. Board members will recruit parent volunteers to build the marketing team. Responsibilities include:

  • Write and submit articles for local papers and local e-communication channels
  • Manage the HFCS Facebook page.
  • Communicate with various community resources (Chamber of Commerce).
  • Coordinate volunteers to deliver Mass announcements as needed.
  • Development of new communication programs as determined by the board.
  • New Student Welcome Cards
  • New Registration Packet and materials.
  • Annual HFCS Christmas Card design and distribution.
  • Create flyers and invitations for two school open house events.
  • Advertise spring open house with targeted mailing, Facebook, and other venues as determined by the board.
  • Serve as a liaison between HFCS and the Catholic Schools Office for the Diocese of Joliet.
  • Develop and implement additional marketing programs as outlined on our strategic plan.

Retention Committee:

The Retention committee’s goal is to build programs and events that foster a positive experience at Holy Family Catholic School for our new families. The committee is chartered with developing experiences for these families that encourages them to build a bond with each other, making it difficult for them to leave Holy Family when kindergarten is complete. Responsibilities include:

  • Organize and run at least 3 pre-school/kindergarten gatherings
  • Assist with the organization and running of Lunch with Santa
  • Develop new programs/events

Strategic Plan Management:

The Strategic Plan Manager is responsible for maintaining the HFCS detailed, five year strategic plan. As activities or goals are completed, modified or retired, the plan manager is responsible for making the changes. The Strategic Plan Manager provides the Principal and Pastors updated plan information on a regular basis to ensure our goals are being met.

Alumni Relations Committee:

The goal of this committee is to develop and deliver a program that reaches out to our alumni on a regular basis throughout the school year. Responsibilities include:

  • Create at least four opportunities to reach out to our alumni throughout the year.
    Suggested programs are (but not limited to)
    - Invitation to our school Christmas Program using student art work
    - Invitation to one of our home basketball games - an alumni game
    - Invitation to our Spring Play
    - A Graduation congratulations card (alumni graduating high school and/or college)
  • Maintain a current list of alumni from St. Charles Borromeo School, St. Joseph School and Holy Family Catholic School.
  • Develop additional alumni relations programs to increase our “touches” with our alumni.

Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for organizing and running the largest fundraising event for the School. This committee will plan the event, obtain volunteers required, solicit donations for auction items (if required), and develop a budget. The committee will be responsible for the entire event including location, menu, guest speakers/facilitators/auctioneers, pricing and selling tickets. The committee provides the School Board a monthly status report, and brings decisions to the board for vote. At the conclusion of the event, the committee provides the School Board and Administrators a detailed financial report.

Community Committee:

The Community Committee’s goal is to work closely with our local communities of Bensenville, Addison, and Elmhurst in broadening Holy Family Catholic School’s exposure and involvement in community events. Responsibilities include:

  • Organize the annual Tree Decorating and Tree Lighting events in Addison and Bensenville. This includes working with the villages to be included, and in obtaining the volunteers required for these events.
  • Organize and manage the annual Music in the Park booth in Bensenville. This includes working with the village to obtain our spot, obtaining enough volunteers to work each date, and soliciting for beverage donations from our school families and parishioners.
  • Participating in the Addison Pre-School Expo event every spring.
  • Develop new programs and events as outlined in our strategic plan.

Holy Family Catholic School Board can be reached at schoolboard@hfcatholic.org

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Parent School Association (PSA)

What is PSA - What do we do?

By having a child enrolled at Holy Family Catholic School, you are automatically a member of PSA and volunteer staff.

PSA Mission Statement

The Mission of the Parent School Association of Holy Family Catholic School is to support and assist the school in its goal to provide academic excellence and spiritual growth for the success of our students. The PSA attains its mission by recognizing strength through diversity, providing opportunities for communication among school families, by coordinating activities for the teachers, parents, and students, and by providing financial support for the school and for the activities of the Association.
See our calendar for meeting dates each month.

Building Community Spirit through Parent Involvement

Our students learn at an early age how giving and sharing their talents is showing God's love. By the time they graduate, each child has seen how working together can bring about amazing experiences through giving of our time, talent and treasure. Involvement in activities strengthens the bond of faith and character - the foundation of great leadership.

Family Involvement Service Hours - FISH

To ensure that each child's family has a chance to experience the joy of sharing their gifts, all families from grades K-8 complete 25 hours of FISH volunteer service each year. School events are open to all willing volunteers.

View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

2016-17 PSA Leaders

President - Jeanette De la Rosa
Vice President - Elvia Gonzalez
Secretary - Latissia Their
Treasurer - Nelly Montesdeoca
Volunteer Coordinator - Elizabeth Plascencia
Lunch Coordinator - Martha Cardona

To contact the PSA Leadership Board, please send an e-mail to psa@hfcatholic.org