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Achieving Our Mission: First Grade – Growing Our Relationship With God

Achieving Our Mission First Graders

First graders building a relationship with God at HFCS.

This month in the First Grade classroom we have grown in our relationship with God in a multitude of ways. One way is through prayer. The students have learned how to pray the Sign of the Cross to the Blessed Trinity and have learned the difference between asking and thanking prayer.

We have also learned that God is the Father of all creation. Throughout this learning the students have identified unique talents God has blessed them with, as well as show thanks for the wondrous world he has created. Through this wisdom the students have acquired the knowledge to carry out God’s will by showing kindness and respect to his gifts of creation. One way they did this was through a video podcast. Together the students created posters and a video to send to sick children in the hospital. We also incorporated this learning in Science, creating dioramas of animals in their habitat.

We will continue to strive and grow in our relationship with God as the year progresses.

New for this Year: Let's Build It - STEM Engineering Club

Through our partnership with Afterschool Enrichment Solutions, we are proud to offer a NEW Let's Build It- STEM Engineering Club for grades 1-6! Registration forms are available on School Speak and in the school office.

Holy Family Catholic School: Host of 2015 Angel For A Day Event!

This 6-minute video about the day will capture your heart.

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) of the Diocese of Joliet, hosted its debut Angel For A Day event on Thursday, February 12 at Holy Family Catholic School in Bensenville and St. John the Baptist Catholic School in Winfield.
The purpose of this event was to let donors who contribute to the CEF see their investment come to fruition in the children they assist.
Donors were able to have one to one interactions with the students in the classroom setting - spending time with students and teachers alike. This included a chemistry experiment, choir practice, gym class, and faith sharing activities. Those who attended witnessed first hand the accomplishments of the school body. They could see the current needs of the students they are assisting with scholarship funds.

McFun for Holy Family

Holy Family Teachers Host McDonalds Night

Trisha Hall owner/operator of the North Elmhurst McDonald's was thrilled to host the Holy Family McTeacher's Night Fundraiser.

On Wednesday, February 4th, Holy Family School shows love for their school at a very successful McTeacher's Night at the McDonald's on York Rd. in North Elmhurst. Teachers took over the restaurant serving up delicious meals to students and families to raise money for the school. Many teachers worked very hard including McPrincipal Tiritilli. The McTeacher jobs included; drive-thru teachers, greeters, teachers cleaning the lobby, front counter teachers, drink teachers, teachers clearing tables, and teachers singing for tips. Teachers working included the following: Nicole Nalbono, Bobby Rizzo, Mandy Heldman, Kim Markey, Celeste Donner, Sue Wagner, Katie DelMastro, Sharon Turkowski, Megan McCoy, Bryan Byrne, Celeste Rusin, Sue Stafford, Monica Benes, Janet DeBartolo, Danette Kimmel, Angie Kruis and Kat Dunne. Holy Family had it all covered, and the families all had a great time. Lots of students, teachers, families and friends came out to support the school despite the snow and cold weather. All the kids came to see their teachers work at McDonald's. It was a great night and the event was courtesy of the North Elmhurst McDonald's owner/operator, Trisha Hall. McTeacher's Night for Holy Family would not have been possible without the coordination of the event by Nicole Nalbono, who is a teacher at Holy Family. For more information about events provided by the North Elmhurst McDonald's contact the North Elmhurst McDonald's Community Relations Director, Julie Travers.

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Achieving Our Mission: 6th Grade – Paying it Forward

Class of 2017 Paying It Forward

Our sixth-graders complete lenten project and are blessed with a special field trip from Mayor Soto of Bensenville, IL.

On Wednesday, April 8 the sixth Grade class of Holy Family Catholic School ventured out on a field trip to the Edge II Ice Arena in Bensenville. There, the sixth grade class enjoyed an electrifying hockey game where they cheered on the Chicago Steel. It seems unrealistic that a hockey game could possibly have any true ties into the typical middle school curriculum; however, this trip was very much a central tenet of the Lenten project that the sixth grade class completed. Mayor Soto very graciously gifted the sixth grade class a trip to his sky box at the arena for a special ‘Schools Day’ hockey game. In response to this, a Lenten project was formed, during which the students would pay this generous good deed forward through various acts of Almsgiving. The students, unaware of this spectacular field trip while working on the project, worked hard to come up with some way to give Alms. Some students gave Alms by cleaning up trash around their neighborhood or donating food, clothes, or money to charity. Others made a card and delivered it to someone just to brighten that person’s day. Each student worked hard to pay forward the mayors generous good deed by doing their own good deeds, and then created a written project to further explore and explain their thoughts and feelings about how wonderful it is to give Alms. Many students discussed in their writing how good they felt just by doing something good for someone else.
Finding out about the upcoming field trip to the hockey game was simply the cherry on top for the sixth grades after they completed their projects. This field trip helped to give a whole new meaning to what giving Alms means, which will continue to strengthen their desire to pay it forward even as we have moved out of the Lenten season and into our Easter season. The students had an incredible time at the game and have gained a much firmer understanding of the great opportunity that is presented to share God’s love by paying it forward.

And the Award for Core Values of Catholic Education Goes to...

Core Values Award

Center left: Mrs. Megan McCoy, HFCS Technology & Computers teacher receives diocesan award.

Congratulations to Mrs. McCoy! Mrs. McCoy was one of the recipients of the 2014 Core Values of Catholic Education Award from the Diocese of Joliet! The award was presented by Diocese of Joliet Superintendent of Schools, Fr. Belmonte in the fall. We are very proud of Mrs. McCoy and her strong Catholic identity.

Student Mia B. (Class of 2015) on HFCS

Mia B on HFCS "Holy Family is an outstanding school! All of our teachers are happy to see our smiling faces when we walk through the doors of our school. Our teachers also support us in everything we do, from our school work to our extra-curricular activities. I feel as if I am at my own home due to how welcoming the teachers and volunteers are here at Holy Family. Our school is faith centered, which is amazing because most schools are not. We go to mass once a week on Wednesday and also participate in Reconciliation and Adoration. Mass and Reconciliation bring us closer to God and help us prepare for religious holidays. Our classes are small which means we feel more like a family than classmates. We are taught how to respect our elders, handle situations in a Christian manner, manage our time wisely, and most importantly put God first!
As I graduate this year, I will take with me all the lessons that my teachers have taught me. I will take what I have learned about academics, social skills, and life lessons and incorporate my knowledge into everything I do. It will be an honor to graduate from Holy Family Catholic School in the class of 2015." ~ Mia B.

Student Jason U. (Class of 2015) on HFCS

Jason "Holy Family is a great family-friendly school. The classes and teachers are amazing! It is always great being able to walk in every morning seeing the teachers’ bright and smiling faces. The teachers at Holy Family are always there to help students and always encourage us to go beyond our limits with everything we do. It helps knowing that our school is based on faith. No matter what happens, our school encourages us to look to God before anything. With mass once a week and being able to participate in Reconciliation and Adoration, there is no way to stray away from our Lord at Holy Family. Having small class sizes here at Holy Family definitely helps us all be more of a family than any other school. Here at Holy Family we are taught to be responsible, respectful, safe and Christian as our buzzwords say. As I am graduating this year, I like to look back on everything that has happened to me here, including all my memories and experiences. As I move onto high school, I plan on taking everything I have learned and done with me. I am glad I came to Holy Family Catholic School, and I am glad that I am in the graduating class of 2015 from Holy Family!" ~ Jason U.